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CARA Cosmetics latest video BEAUTY IN THE FACE OF CANCER: Jan Flint's Story describes one woman's journey with cancer along with a step-by-step makeup tutorial, demonstrating techniques on recreating brows and lashes, a common loss for many

"Beauty is personal. It's like cancer itself, it means something different to everyone. For me, my view of beauty has obviously changed in the last several years because I have been altered physically and I have changed spiritually. I do feel beautiful because I feel like I'm honest. I try and live my life in an honest fashion and to be kind to people. You don't ever know what anyone's journey is."—Jan Flint

CARA Cosmetics is committed to donate 100% of the net proceeds from the sale of BEAUTY IN THE FACE OF CANCER: Jan Flint's Story to several cancer associations including our own Central Florida charity, Compassionate Hands and Hearts Breast Cancer Outreach (CHHBCO).

Compassionate Hands and Hearts Breast Cancer Outreach (CHHBCO) is a charity that has done amazing work in Central Florida and one in which Christin has a personal connection.  The mission of CHHBCO is to support those needing help battling breast cancer by improving the quality of life for them and their families.  Vanessa Echols, a local news anchor and founder of CHHBCO said, "I came to know Leslie and Studio CARA in 2004, during one of the most difficult periods of my life, when I was undergoing treatment for breast cancer.  Because I'm a news anchor, maintaining my on air appearance was a unique challenge while I was receiving chemotherapy.  Not only did Leslie work with me personally on my makeup and skin changes, but she spent an hour teaching me the art of applying false lashes, because of my hair loss.  In 2007, I founded Compassionate Hands and Hearts Breast Cancer Outreach.  We meet patients' practical needs by helping them with meals for their families, shopping, transportation, etc.  But we also meet their emotional needs with wig shopping and a day of pampering."


 View Jan's Full Story Below:


Bridal Beauty Mastery Course DVD

Introducing Leslie Christins’ latest DVD, "Bridal Beauty and Bridal Business".

This DVD set offers all the tools you need to start your bridal business. From a Natural to a Glamorous look, you will learn how to create a flawless camera ready brides.

Leslie shares her celebrity Bridal Beauty secrets and invaluable business processes from her flagship Studio CARA reputation to help you succeed in this demanding and lucrative industry.

Through a step by step bridal application you will learn foundation matching, the art of highlighting and contouring and, stunning bridal eyes with lash application.

You will receive all the information you need to begin your bridal business. Learn how to book weddings, network, contracts, pricing structures, how to charge, and much more.

This valuable information will save you hundreds in common mistakes and help you generate thousands of dollars in services.

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Rediscover Your Beauty

Leslie G. Christin’s “Rediscover Your Beauty” DVD, shows women how to understand their own facial features and discover how to accentuate their best assets.This professional tutorial gives someone the advantage of professional help in the privacy of their home and refresh techniques or explore new looks at anytime. Leslie demonstrates on 5 different models how to analyze their "Makeup Personality" from Natural to Glamourous and from 18 to 65 years old. You will also be able to insert your DVD into the computer and print out a step by step face chart, explaining every product and color that Leslie used to create their transformation! The wealth of knowledge offered by Leslie in "Rediscover your Beauty DVD" makes learning a cinch, whether you are a student or a business woman. This DVD was quoted the best on the market by Jean Patteson of the Orlando Sentinel.

  • Understand the basics of makeup artistry
  • Learn tricks of the beauty trade
  • Understand how to analyze your eye, face and lip shape
  • Learn how to create looks to fit your lifestyle
  • Identify make-up solutions for under eye circles or hard to match skintones
  • Learn what your Makeup Personality is
  • Learn the secrets to make-up at every age

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