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Mascara Club 

View our Lash Tutorial: Lash Primer Thickener and Mascara by CARA Cosmetics



CARA Mascara fans can't live without the CARA Lash Primer Thickener and CARA Mascara. This beautiful combination makes your lashes healthy, stronger, longer and stunning!

Sit back and never worry about running out of products again. No need to order, run to the store or having dried out products!

You choose every 2 or 3 months and receive your shipment at your door - Free shipping + a very special price of $35!! (a $12.50 savings)

As a Special First-Time gift, you will receive a free Eye Primer and Black Eye Pencil FREE ($31.50 value)

Price: $35.00

Value: $40.00


Call 407-622-1997 for more information.