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Professional Makeup Courses - Orlando, FL

The CARA Makeup Academy offers makeup artistry education available as 10-Week Courses. Our courses deliver a rich array of technique, product and industry knowledge, providing a strong foundation for a successful career in makeup.

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About the Academy

Developed out of Leslie’s passion for the art of makeup, it is her commitment to see you evolve, thrive and grow as a makeup artist.

“As a lifetime makeup artist, I believe education is the foundation to a profitable career.”—Leslie G. Christin

Leslie G. Christin, understands what it takes to get your career started. Through years of commitment, perseverance and wonderful mentors, her career as a makeup artist thrived and evolved from working in salons to editorial, television and feature films.

Today she shares her expertise with the design of her makeup line CARA Cosmetics, Studio CARA and the CARA Makeup Academy.


Our Mission

  • To inspire future professionals with makeup courses in technique, retailing, business and product knowledge.
  • To prepare each participant with an understanding of the professional makeup industry.
  • To teach our students how to develop their professional skills, and flourish artistically and ethically through the art of makeup.
  • To create and help generate thriving and lucrative makeup careers in the community.
  • To provide awareness of the diverse career opportunities within the world of makeup.
  • To live life beautifully.


Student Testimonials

By completing this course I now feel like a true makeup artist and so very proud to say so. My confidence is a different level. Through this class I feel I have been given the knowledge to be able to analyze someone and be able to tackle anything…Taking these classes were, to me, the best investment of both my time and money I could have made to make me grow, not only as a person but a makeup artist. Everyone and anyone who wants the very best tools to succeed should take this class. You are getting the best knowledge and tools from Leslie and Lisa, the very best in the industry. Thank you for the incredible ride. — Rob Smith

As a student at FCNH I had the opportunity to spend a day at CARA studio. Leslie took the time to educate us and share some of her tips and showed us how she custom blends her foundations. She also shared with us her passion for helping people who have suffered trauma and cancer and making them feel beautiful. I am a nurse and decided to become an esthetician and makeup artist to pursue my creative side. I also have a passion for helping others. Ever since I graduated I have longed to attend classes by Leslie. Attending this Beauty and Business Boot Camp has prepared me as a business woman. As well as providing me with the tools to improve my skills as a makeup artist while providing great service. My goal is to continue to improve. I will definitely be attending future classes that she has to offer. — Karen O’Brien

I have to say this was such a great experience. Leslie is such a great makeup artist who explains everything so well that I was able to recreate some of the looks I wanted. The makeup line is great. I personally use it on myself. I would recommend anyone who wants to be a makeup artist to take her classes. — Jeniffer Ibarra

I love Leslie. She is so passionate in what she does. I became a more confident up and coming makeup artist. The five days was really worth it. When your teacher loves what they do, then the students thrive off their teacher’s energy, and that’s what Leslie made me do, thrive off of her knowledge and love for makeup. Come and do all the classes, you will not regret it. I promise you. — Britnee Farquson

Being someone with no makeup experience, I had no idea what to expect. This class made me feel comfortable with the CARA line. I feel like I've been provided with enough information to comfortably discuss with clients any makeup questions they may have regarding CARA. I am excited to expand my business opportunities and Leslie rocks! — Michael B.

Wow, wow, wow! I am so glad I choose to invest in CARA Makeup Academy to further my makeup artistry career. This was a huge financial investment for me and my family, but I received much more in return. From day one I knew I chose the right instructor because Leslie made it clear she only expected the best out of her students. She stands for excellence and carves it out of her students. This is not your typical makeup class. I learned so much more like professionalism, job etiquette, skill & technique. Leslie truly cares about the personal career development of her students. Before CARA Makeup Academy, I was only interested in doing weddings, I had no idea of all the other possibilities available in the makeup industry. I was even extended the opportunity to be a makeup assistant on set of a movie and it was life changing, to say the least. What I loved most about CARA Makeup Academy is that when you complete the class you not only receive your certification, but she also offers the opportunity to assist her and apply what you learned in her classes. Leslie teaches her students how to succeed in today's industry. I highly recommend CARA Makeup Academy to anyone thinking about a career in the makeup industry! — Nichelle Rains

(Note: We are not a Cosmetology nor Esthetics school nor offer any type of state licensing.  We do encourage each individual to review the state laws and professional regulation to adhere to the highest ethics, standards and law of our profession.)